Architecture is about balance. Beyond the literal balance of building materials and structure, lies the balance of history and currency, of people and institutions, of building and neighborhood, of form and function, and of construction and nature. Thomas Douglas Architects seeks out these juxtapositions and fuses them together in every project.

Our core belief is that design has the power to transform our lives.  Most of our lives are spent in designed spaces, which can either inspire or limit us. Our homes, our offices, our neighborhoods and our cities help to shape who we are. To solve our client’s complex problems we start with an effort to gain a holistic view of their vision,  their mission, their needs, and their environment. To that we add creativity, innovation, and teamwork and begin the transformative process.

Every building project involves change. Our goal is to create positive change - change for our client’s businesses, brands and homes - and change for our society and generations to come.

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